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If you have suffered at the hands of a Home Owners Association, a community developer, a Property Management Company or an HOA board regarding specific issues dealing with the association by-laws, articles of incorporation or association covenants and restrictions we would love hear about it. Please take a moment and share your story with all our guests. We are certain they would love to hear about it as well.

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+1 # Robert K Roth 2017-07-31 19:05
For over two years, my HOA board has restricted owner speech at all meetings. They say owners can speak for only 3 minutes per meeting, and then only at the end of the meeting AFTER all decisions are made, even though statute says owners may speak for at least three minutes on all discussion items. In addition, they require owners recording meetings as is their right under statute to individually identify themselves at the start of each meeting as a form of harassment and intimidation. These are just two examples of the experience of living at Island club of Vero Beach HOA. There are several more.
+1 # Lee Hydechuk 2017-07-31 21:35
Robert - Would it be possible for you to start a topic in the "Discussion Forum" so we can discuss this issue?
+2 # Gene Klusmeier 2017-07-31 16:23
I found a shortage of $400,000, and a fraud, of $100,000 for a major pool improvement, without a vote from the HOA members. Took that to the Police, received a Police report (no. 17-061628) offense Fraud/ Embezzlement. Called The States Attorney, The Financial Unit at the Sheriff's office, and was told no crime committed, I have to sue, at a cost of ($15,000). Called the FDLE, (Agent Tomas), he told me to call DBPR, (Harry Hague), Harry cannot do anything, but he is willing, and has a plane to do something, when, he gets the go ahead, from Florida, and Tomas also said to call The States Attorney office again and speak to Mike Rowsha, he is the Chef of the Financial Crime Unit. No one could, or wound not do anything. If I would hold-up a store (without a gun) for $75.00, I would go to jail for 20 years. There is no crime if you use a pen. We need rules in place, so the HOA's of Florida, will quite stealing from the HOA members. Gene H. Klusmeier
+2 # Andrea Sandow 2017-04-14 15:33
I already has an Arbitration case against the board for not following the Governing rules - and NOT providing Association Official Records. I am in the midst of a Better Business Burea case for the same reasons and hope this might bring the BOD - our management company - and the representing lawyer to be forced to follow the laws. My real hope is the SB 1162 Refirm bill I am praying to be voted and passes in. Owners deserve this right.

Andrea Sandow of Davie, Florida
+1 # Suzanne E. 2017-02-09 15:59
:eek: I had to cash in a big part of my teacher's annuity that I was using to live on to pay off their HOA legal fees to settle out of court/ contrary to what many may think, my pension from the Illinois state university system is right at poverty line, certainly not what people think of as public sector pensions/ Illinois has the worst funded pension system in the country, so thanks in big part to the HOA system in FL, at age 81,I am in a very precarious situation financially, medically and general all around well being, no lawyer would take my case/ it was one of the worst, if not the worst year of my life,/ my heart is broken/ my doctor told me to get out of the HOA NOW, it was ruining my health//ultimately, the fault lies with the Fl Legislators who fail to protect the homeowner against BIG HOA and their lawyers/

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