Our Mission

Over the years Florida homeowners have been neglected and forgotten when it comes to legislative assistance pertaining to the egregious actions performed by corrupt developers and equally corrupt property management companies. It's little wonder many cringe or become angered when HOA enters the conversation. In many circles an HOA is viewed as little more than a "cash cow" which pretty much provides the developer with a license to steal. And many of them do - steal that is.

In recent years Florida enacted Chapter 718 statutes which regulate and enforce a set of code governing owner associations for Condominiums and Mobile Home Parks. The regulation and enforcement is the responsibility of the DBPR. (Department of Business and Professional Regulation) Guess what? HOA's were either overlooked or purposely omitted.

So, some years later, Florida enacted Chapter 720 statutes that was supposed to correct this oversight/omission. There are, however, gaping errors and mistakes in the statutes. The worst of which is, the statutes fail to designate a department of the state of Florida to oversee, manage and enforce the statutes. Any home or property owner seeking justice is forced to seek the services of an attorney at his/her own expense. This just isn't right.

As recently as February, 2016, there were efforts put forth by Sen. Alan Hays to correct many of these deficiencies. He introduced into the Senate SB 1122. This bill, however, was rejected in committee by a vote of 6 to 4. It is unfortunate that Sen. Hays is not running for reelection this year. This also means there is no one to continue leading the charge toward getting favorable legislation passed to correct the issues that so many homeowners face today.

This is where we are prepared to make a difference. We are fighting mad about this and we have a plan to fix it. It is our mission to solicit the assistance of every homeowner in the state of Florida by joining our crusade. You read that correctly. We are asking "every" home owner, heck, make that every voting citizen in Florida to join us in this fight. The signatures will be periodically delivered to each and every legislator in the state of Florida, including the Governor, demanding the chapter 720 statutes be amended to correct the gaping flaws that allow the developers, BOD and property management companies to virtually steal from the property homeowners. The time has arrived. We will not be denied affirmative action on these issues any longer. We are attempting to hold our legislators accountable, as they must be. We need your help to do this effectively. Please Join Our Crusade. You have absolutely nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain.

You may not have issues presently, however, that can change in a New York minute. Suppose you wish to relocate into an HOA community, or your current HOA elects a new BOD or the developer sells the community. It can, and has happened more times than most are aware of.

In addition to this call to action of the Florida legislators, we are putting them on notice. Should they fail to produce appropriate, acceptable results in a timely manner, we are prepared to collectively, with your assistance pursue appropriate procedures to have the legislators held accountable.